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imperialism - in search of new bases


The US Pentagon has commenced a series of informal discussions in Japan, South Korea and Germany with a view to re-positioning US bases and military reserves away from those established after the Second World War. This is being defined as overhauling the US global 'footprint'.

The political implications of such changes -- done with minimal consensus with countries effectively occupied by the US for decades -- have yet to be gauged. Will South Korea survive without the US hand inside the puppet glove?

The United States is being modest in only seeking for new bases in Africa, the Middle East, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and a number of undefined Asian countries. One of these 'undefined' countries would appear to be Nepal after the US declared the revolutionary war there was a "national security threat to the USA".

How land-locked Nepal threatens the US beggars the imagination. But if the global footprint is to leave no path untrodden, then a significant US presence after Afghanistan and Iraq may be of more concern to India and China and their future independence and sovereignty.