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EU tries to buy elections


No less than £27.5 million is to be spent by the European Union in 2009 promoting itself and the EU elections in the United Kingdom. The EU Vice-President, Günter Verheugen, justifies this expenditure on the basis that “the legitimacy of your parliament, and that of the Union as a whole, is at stake”.

In other words the hostility of the British electorate to the EU needs to be attacked. They intend funding numerous non-government organisations – EU front bodies – to spread their poison.

Elections for the EU Parliament have dropped by 20 per cent in Britain comparing the first elections in 1979 and the 2004 elections. The British electorate is expected to not turn out in record numbers in 2009 based upon EU research. If they cannot force us to vote for them or the bribes don’t work, then they can do what they are threatening to the people of Ireland, force another election until they get the answer they want to hear. Or more likely an even larger resounding NO!