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Wind Power - The blades stood still


Electricity generation from Britain’s wind farms fell by between 95 and 100 per cent in December and early January. This was due to the stunning fact that it was too cold. The technology could not work in the sub-zero temperatures and climatic high pressure reduced wind power to zero.

The idea of relying upon supposedly renewable sustainable wind and insecure energy generation has been further undermined. Britain is to rely upon wind and solar generation for 20 per cent of electricity generation by 2020. But all the hot air of Downing Street, the Greens and the EU cannot warm a shivering Britain.

The dependency of Ukraine and other countries on Russian gas supplies highlights the danger of our government having no credible energy policy. Britain needs mixed energy sources – nuclear, fossil (with clean coal technology) and renewables as a reserve without polluting Britain’s coastal and geographic beauty with useless turbine towers.