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Higher Education - Meeting on governance


On Friday 6 March the University and College Union (UCU) is holding an open meeting for members from all over the country to discuss their growing concerns about university governance, democracy and the growing business influence on higher education.

The meeting will take place at the University of East London Docklands campus, where there has been recent intense debate about the role of governors and especially of corporate influence.

Most of the pre-1992 universities in Britain are governed by ancient Charters and Statutes which were framed to allow academic staff to determine the nature of learning in an institution. Yet few academic staff (until now) were avid readers of these charters and statutes. What they have noticed is how many university bodies have incrementally changed their nature. Some institutions now have academic boards which no longer have academics as part of the membership!

Keynote speakers include Dr Alastair Hunter (Glasgow University, UCU President Elect) and Professor Mike Rustin (University of East London). Keep an eye out in the April edition of Workers for a report of the proceedings.