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Schools - Whistleblower reinstated


Three teacher union reps at Copland Community College in Brent, north London, who had been suspended when they revealed that huge bonuses had been paid out to the head, Sir Alan Davies, and senior managers, have now been reinstated.

The head, on a salary of £103,000, had allegedly pocketed another £300,000 in bonuses. The chair of governors said he was “worth every penny”. Other members of Davies’ family employed at the school also raked in bonuses. A number of classes are being taught in leaking huts.

But ATL rep Hank Roberts had compiled his facts carefully, and sent a dossier to government auditors. Now it is the head’s turn to be suspended, along with deputy Dr Richard Evans and bursar Columbus Udokoro. Brent Council has taken over the school finances, and Roberts and his colleagues are back in the school. Political greed and corruption are mirrored in many workplaces and need to be exposed.