gambling - las vegas comes to britain


The government's latest big idea is to legalise US-style "super casinos" across Britain. Its proposals favour foreign companies like MGM Mirage, which owns half of Las Vegas' hotels and casinos, and South Africa's Sun International. A representative of the US gambling firm Las Vegas Sands — clearly an expert on what we need to rebuild Britain — said that the government's initiative would bring significant regeneration benefits.

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport says this is part of a tougher approach to protect vulnerable gamblers. They will be telling us next that 24/7 drinking protects vulnerable drinkers, that 24/7 fast food joints protect vulnerable consumers, and that licensed loan sharks protect vulnerable debtors.

Tessa Jowell, who is apparently the Culture Secretary, said the government was putting the interests of children and vulnerable gamblers "first, second and third". The interests of billionaire US and British gambling company magnates of course are not ranked.

She said that the government would monitor any increase in problem gambling and pointed out that currently, "Britain has one of the lowest rates of problem gambling in the modern world." Well, the government's new scheme should certainly bring us quickly up to US levels!