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Nobody loves them...
The latest Eurobarometer poll asked people in Britain if they thought that EU membership was a good thing. The result was about evenly divided between yes, no and don't know. And 50 per cent of us think we have not gained from EU membership, the highest since 1983.

Denial and deceit
French President Nicolas Sarkozy believes Ireland must hold a second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. "The Irish will have to vote again", he said. Polish President Lech Kaczynski said he will not create obstacles to ratification following a "chat" with Sarkozy after having previously suggested that it was pointless for him to sign the Lisbon treaty following Ireland's No vote.

Irish still say no
Irish opinion about the Lisbon treaty is hardening in the face of external pressure, according to a new poll. This found that 71 per cent of Irish voters are against a second referendum and that if a second vote was held, the No lead would increase from 6 to 24 points. In the same poll, 61 per cent disagreed that Ireland has to change its mind and support the treaty if all of the other 26 EU countries ratified it.

Immigration good for you, says EU
The French government is drafting a European Pact on asylum and immigration for adoption at the EU Summit in October. The EU would impose a "common immigration policy for Europe", controlling all aspects of immigration and asylum policy. Its scheme is pro-immigration, calling immigration a great opportunity for the EU.

The European Commission is already preparing a directive ordering the mass legalisation of illegal immigrants, which would only encourage further waves of illegal immigration.

Bid to hand EU Olympic glory
An organisation styling itself as the Young European Federalists has called for the countries in the EU to pool their sporting teams and present just one EU team at the Olympics, in order to top the medal table and combat nationalism. Presumably EU flag-waving is OK.