european union - get me out of here


No wonder Pro-Constitution campaigners want to use "Celebrities, supermodels and sports stars", including David Beckham, to reach out to "younger people".(Daily Mirror, 16 October). A "senior government source" admitted, "The last thing we want in the campaign is politicians like Tony Blair, Charles Kennedy or Chris Patten sitting on a stage."

Beckham was to be used as the face of the Yes campaign - but it was later reported that Beckham is snubbing it.

Referenda on the Constitution are supposed to be held in EU member states before October 2006. We are told that ours is likely in spring 2006. We must assert our national sovereignty so effectively that we make it impossible for the government to hold and win a referendum on the Constitution. If they don't call a referendum by spring 2006, we will have won a famous victory, as we did when we made the government too frightened of defeat to hold a referendum on the euro.