poland - health for some?


A DOCUMENT on the EU's own website reveals that Rafal Nizankowski, Polish Undersecretary of State for Health, recently wrote the following to David Byrne at the European Commission's Health and Consumer Protection Directorate-General.

"Dear Mr Byrne, Thank you for your document Enabling Good Health for all. A reflection process for a new EU Health Strategy. It is a very good paper and solid base for discussion. Since you suggest the initiation of the reflection process, I would like to make my personal comments.

"I do not like 'for all' for two reasons. First, it is unrealistic. It is impossible to offer good health for all citizens of Europe, because some of them do not want good health, they simply need to be ill to play their social roles; because others have very bad genes or are just not lucky enough. The reason for my dislike of phrase 'for all' is its close relation to communistic slogan."

Opposition to communism leads to some strange places!