first thoughts: it’s not inevitable


WAR OVER IRAQ is not inevitable. Britain’s involvement in war against Iraq or anywhere else in the world will only come about if we, the British working class, do not act to prevent it.

It has to be more than "protesting to survive". At every conscious level we must be saying to Blair, "No War". This must translate into the ballot box, into demonstrations, to the families of combatants, to the refusal to move the weapons of war.

The action of ASLEF drivers in Scotland who have refused to drive weapons trains must be emulated. Britain must be re-occupied by the British people. It is time to do away with those who would serve the USA or European Union, who would send British soldier to die abroad, or allow the US to use Britain as a base for its "Son of Star Wars" ambitions.

Picket Whitehall, picket the army bases, picket the docks. Throughout the length and breadth of Britain the warmongers must be faced down and put back in their kennels.

The critical issue over Iraq is not Saddam Hussein or greed for oil or dreams of world domination by pygmies in the White House but whether the genuine superpower in the world – the working class – says, "No War". No power on earth can resist a united working class.

We, the Communist Party, are for national sovereignty, self-determination and independence. We are for workers internationally determining their own destiny without interference or threat from the USA, EU, UN, NATO, IMF or any one else.

We need workers nationalism – determining the future of those who live and work in their own lands for their own interests – and workers internationalism to save the future of the world and defeat the vested interests of the multinationals and the proponents of reaction and fundamentalism.

If only we recognised our strength, we would realise that the only reason war has not yet begun is that we even in our current state have been to powerful to permit it.

No to War, Yes to the Future!