second opinion - war criminals in charge


On the day that American arms inspectors were lining up to confess there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, virtue descended on the British government thanks to loyal servant of the Crown, albeit a Protestant from Northern Ireland, Lord Hutton. Hutton defended British soldiers following Bloody Sunday.

That event led to the Widgery Report that equally covered up the tragic events of that day which are only now coming to light. Cover ups like Widgery's and Hutton's only distance people from the State and its elaborate lie machine with all its smooth words and cruel deeds.

About 15,000 people, mainly civilians, have died as a result of Blair and Bush's illegal invasion of Iraq and toppling of their erstwhile CIA puppet Hussein. The country is being plundered, the assets of its trade unions remain frozen and the multi nationals are moving in and doling out profits to their friends hand over fist.

With war criminals in charge of the country, you surely can't expect more.