first thoughts - election lies


The general election is a fraud and a farce. The politicians of all the parliamentary parties conspire to lie about Britain and its future. The government's attacks on Britain and on other countries are not to be discussed.

They lie that the attack on Iraq happened because nobody told Blair that there were no weapons of mass destruction. From the start it was a criminal conspiracy against a country they knew was defenceless.

They lie that the war was against terrorism and for democracy, peace and security. There will never be democracy or peace or security in Iraq while the troops are there. How many more Iraqi people will Bush and Blair kill before the occupation ends? We must stop the killing now and get the troops out now.

They lie that the Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe is not establishing a European state, and aims to put an end to Britain. The government is gearing itself up for a huge effort to back the Constitution. We must reject it.

They lie when they deny that the EU has ordered an end to Britain's car industry. They lie when they cover up the EU Bank's orders — to reduce public pensions, to raise the retirement age, to grant greater private involvement in healthcare financing, extend working hours, and to contain labour costs and abolish "overly rigid" labour market regulations. We must end the EU's interference in our affairs and leave the EU.

The government does whatever capital wants, not what Britain needs. It does what it is told, whatever the damage to Britain. These are show-elections for a show-democracy. We need to rebuild Britain by rebuilding our manufacturing industry. To be able to do this, we must be sovereign in our own land.