second opinion - thatcher and blair


May 3rd was the 25th anniversary of Thatcher coming to power. Applauded? Only slightly by a few of her old retinue. Medals issued? No. Statues raised? Only one, awaiting repair from being beheaded. Rolled out in the Tory or even Labour election campaign? No. Missed by anyone? No. Hated by millions? Yes. All that's missing from her footnote in history is the date of her death.

Blair is continuing Thatcher's work of overseeing absolute decline in Britain, with the number of manufacturing jobs lost — 3,000 weekly — double Thatcher's worst.

Thatcher pretended to oppose the EU but signed all the major treaties submerging Britain into it, enthusiastically implementing all the EU Directives which pioneered privatisation — the destruction of the utilities, the fragmentation of transport, the loss of sovereignty to name but a few. Her economic philosophy of monetarism remains that of the EU. Blair continues the headlong charge with Labour Party policies directly inspired by EU diktats — be it Foundation Hospitals, PFI or the mass movement of labour — the 21st century's slave trad