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Back to Front - Some independence!


The British agents of the EU led by Blair are resourceful but ultimately limited, resorting to old tricks. Separatism for the regions of Britain, originally called devolution, was first attempted by a Labour government in the late 1970s. An obvious variant of the divide and rule tactic, it attempts to maintain the domination of Capital.

It is no coincidence that the last time the Scottish National Party has been as influential in Scotland was during the 1970s, also under a Labour government. As now the Labour government covertly promoted the SNP to try to undermine British working class unity. The SNP had dwindled and become an irrelevance in the 1980s and 90s until Blair resurrected and breathed life into it. To any observer it was immediately obvious that the beneficiaries from the introduction of Holyrood would be the SNP.

In 1978 in response to devolution we produced the pamphlet Unity not Devolution – in which we said,

Then as now the Labour government and SNP are pro EU.

It has been this clarity that has held up the EU juggernaut and is the reason why the EU's British agent Blair has to go. He has failed to shift opinion away from rejection of the euro and hatred towards the EU, understood from Land's End to John O'Groats.

But in his going Blair leaves Scotland with a gift akin to the Trojan horse – the Holyrood Parliament that in reality is nothing more than an EU regional assembly.

We know that the workers' vote for the SNP in May was in most cases not about a desire for Scotland to leave the Union but as a means to remove Labour. But from this position the SNP will be looking for advance. So from day one we can expect the SNP to start provoking the British Parliament into rejecting seemingly legitimate Scottish demands emanating from Holyrood.

The SNP's whole stance is phoney and wrapped up in progressive populist rhetoric, when in fact what they are really about is to detach Scotland from the rest of Britain and deliver it for annexation to the EU as a separate region that will embrace the euro.

Some independence. An area surrounded by water but not allowed to send out its own fishing boats, farmland that under EU dictat will become uneconomic, water, gas and electricity all foreign owned. If the EU annexes Scotland it will be emasculated, but if we remain united and identify our enemy, we can reclaim our resources by coming out of the EU. This will be true independence and not pretence.

We have a responsibility from both a Scottish and an English perspective, rather than simply from a Scottish stance. Economic power is moving from the consumers of the world's resources to their producers. In Britain we have resources that many other countries do not have and so we have both a political and economic opportunity to be independent. By demanding it we can tear off the mask worn by the SNP, revealing its subservience to the EU.