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If anything needs stopping, it's the EU


Labour says Vote Labour to stop the BNP. The Tories say vote Tory to stop the BNP. The Greens say vote Green to stop the BNP. The Church of England and the European Commission say vote to stop the BNP. The Times on 11 May said we must vote to stop the BNP. When Labour, the Tories, the Church, the European Commission and The Times all agree, workers should smell a rat.

Are these fascists really so strong that we have to drop everything to stop them? Are they really? They have no MPs or MEPs, few councillors, few members and few voters.

So why all these calls to vote against them? The answer is simple: the political establishment wants us to vote to prove we support the European Union. And the BNP is a handy bait to lure us into voting for the EU.

But most British people don’t support the European Union – and even fewer back the BNP – so we shouldn’t vote for any of the would-be quislings.

The EU leaders’ concern for democracy is as fake as their Euro-elections. A Populus poll of 9-10 May found that 82 per cent of people agreed that, “If Ireland and other countries ratify the Lisbon Treaty on the future of the European Union, Britain should hold its own referendum on the issue.”

They say they want us to vote, well, let’s have a referendum on their Lisbon Treaty and then we’ll vote.