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Back to Front - Looking after ourselves


Capitalism is hell-bent on destroying any structure, society, nation state, or people who get in the way of its unrelenting pursuit of profits. Its devouring of the seed corn of future survival, of people, of any principle or remnant of human dignity has brought it to its present economic debacle.

Capitalism pursues its interests – we as workers must pursue ours. Every use of language, every question posed should be prefaced: who is this from? Who is it for? Whose interests does it serve? Every defining question throughout society runs down that class fissure which is so deep and fundamental in this the oldest and first capitalist nation.

When they talk of social cohesion they mean segregation and apartheid.

When they talk of truth they lie.

When they talk of peace they mean war.

When they talk of equality they mean inequality.

Their war on terrorism means a police state against us all.

Our workers’ nationalism is different from nationalism of the imperialist, the racist or non-socialist nations. Workers’ nationalism is based upon class. We are for the unity of all in our nation. Division on grounds of race, of colour, of gender, of age, etc, weaken and undermine our reaching out for the building blocks for the future.

Capitalism is not going to perish of its own accord. The Communist Manifesto spoke of the working class as the gravediggers of capitalism. So now is the time to get our hands dirty then? To do that we must assert the unified interests of the working people of Britain.

For example: if you want to resolve issues of climate change then deal with its source – capitalism. Stop blaming industry. If you want to resolve the misnomer globalisation then stop proclaiming powerlessness, the victim culture, in the face of supposed unbridled globalised capitalism. Recognise that this problem was analysed and explained over 150 years ago in the Communist Manifesto.

If a survival plan for Britain is desperately required, then all the things capitalism promotes for its survival – free movement of capital, free movement of goods, free movement of labour, freedom to exploit, freedom to rob, steal, loot – we should oppose.

What would our survival plan be? Stopping the export of capital, re-establishing import controls, re-establishing control of our borders, rebuilding our industries and services, re-equipping, re-training, planning a future to meet the aspirations, hopes and expectations of future generations. And how that simple cry of ‘British jobs for British workers’ has set such a frenzy and clamour among those who supposedly rail against capitalism but are terrified of genuine working class action to defend itself.

Some in a developing nation might accept such a call, but not us in Britain. But Britain needs to develop its strategy of national liberation and withdrawal from the European Union to become a liberated nation. Let all of Europe follow suit as the EU implodes and takes its fascist origins with it to hell.

There is no place for subservience or fatalism in this period. There are no universal human rights other than those you fight for, nothing is given at birth. There is no one other than ourselves to take responsibility for solving our own destinies.