back to front - a very brussels coup


It's been described as the biggest slow motion coup d'etat in history. The drive towards one legal and political entity under one constitution, known as the European Union, has reached a crossroads. The multinationals and bankers want ultimate power over a superstate in which nations cease to exist.

Any talk of welcoming this as a progressive counterweight to the evil empire of the United States is no more than support for the growing economic and ultimately militaristic conflict between the great blocs around the dollar, the deutschmark and the yen. The difference between a US President and an EU President could be, as their tensions continue, no more than between Pepsi and Coke.

And what would be the consequences of an EU Foreign Minister getting in the way of the US on any issue of substance ? One thing's for sure under the Constitution, our citizens could be called up to fight for the EU and not their own country.

A war between the EU and US is ever more likely and necessary in the eyes of some corporations, which is one reason why the EU desperately wants its centrally controlled foreign policy and armed services. Whatever the complexion of the US and EU, as competing blocs they are on a collision course.

Strangely enough we are in the middle with a Foreign Office currently split over the Atlantic and Channel and never looking at its own people.

If you are between a rock and a hard place, you must choose a different way - an independent socialist Britain. The struggle for revolutionary change in Britain has reached a new critical phase and the national question is the primary one to which all others are subsidiary.

This is the case, for all workers throughout the continent and workers in the US have an opportunity to reclaim their nation from the gangsters and foreign powers, particularly the Saudis who own so much of their economy.